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  articles and history  feed  COZUMEL SURVIVAL MANUAL

Cozumel Survival ManualThinking about moving to Cozumel? Already live here, but are having problems figuring out the system? Either way, this is the book for you.

Our island has been attracting Americans ever since 1837 when the Navy of the Republic of Texas raised its flag over the little village of San Miguel in Texas’ first attempt to annex the island. From the early colonizing schemes attempted by folks like George Fisher (1841), Texian President Sam Houston (1842), American President Abraham Lincoln (1862) and land promoters like American Claude Goodyear (1874), all the way through to today’s time-share and condominium ownership plans, Americans have flocked to Cozumel in their search for a new life in paradise.


The islanders have always welcomed newcomers and go out of their way to make allowances for people who do not understand Cozumel’s laws and customs, but to really get the best out of living here you must try to learn the rules, if not the language.


This book is designed to help you learn what you need to know to live happily on our island and avoid many of the common pitfalls that seem to trip-up many new arrivals.



Below is the Index to the COZUMEL SURVIVAL MANUAL.  The chapters highlighted in green are clickable links to sample chapter contents.  


1. Important Phone Numbers  

Important numbers  



2. 2012 Cozumel Calendar  

Cozumel events & holidays  


How to read dates in Mexico  

Even & odd days  

Time zone & daylight saving time  

3. Traditions in Cozumel
Día de su Santo
(Your patron saint’s day)
Día de los Santos Reyes (Three Kings Day)
Semana Santa (Easter Week)
Feria de Cedral
The Sacred Mayan Canoe Journey
Día De La Independencia & “El Grito”
Festival de San Miguel Arcángel
Día de los Inocentes and Día de los Muertos
Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe
Las Posadas & caroling “La Rama”
April Fools’ Day is in December in Mexico!
Kiteboarding & Windsurfing Tournament
Rodeo de Lanchas Mexicanas
Annual International Golf Tournament
Great land crab migration
Sea turtle egg-laying season
Whale Shark migration passes by Holbox  

4. The Island
Geographical & geopolitical location
Colonias, fraccionamientos, & parroquias
Zip codes
Street names & numbers
Map of the colonias of Cozumel
Cozumel’s claims to fame

5. Government
Local government
State government
Federal government
Federal government secretariats & commissions
The Mexican National Anthem  

6. Government Offices
(Consumer Protection Agency)
Department of Tourism
Department of Ecology & Environment
Parks & Museum Foundation
Animal Control
Port Captain
Migración (immigration)
Civil Registrar
Main police station  

7. Laws
Mexico’s system of laws
Alcohol sales
Age of consent
Public nudity
Illegal drugs
Prescription drugs
Pepper spray, tear gas, stun guns
Mexican military draft
Carrying proper identification  

8. Marriage & Divorce
Getting married in Cozumel
Common Law marriage
Same-sex marriages
Divorcing in Cozumel
Names, surnames & family names  

9. Police

10. Visas & Immigration 

11. Working Permits  

12. Other Documents
Consular passport registrations
Mexican Driver’s License
CURP Number
RFC Number

13. Moving your stuff to Cozumel
Items allowed in with a Visitante visa
Prohibited items
Items allowed in with Residente visa holders
Bringing your pet to Mexico
Importing your vehicle into Mexico
Applying for the Temporary Vehicle Import Permit
How long can you keep the car in Mexico?
Authorized drivers  

14. Pets & Wild animals
Keeping wild animals as pets
Injured wild animals
Animal Control
Endangered species found on the island
Cozumel Humane Society

15. Banking
Currency & coins
Traveler’s checks
Checks drawn on US banks
Cash transaction limits
Currency exchanges (Casas de Cambio)
Banks in Cozumel
Bank hours
Account types
Interest-bearing accounts
Money transfers
Credit cards
Money laundering laws
Bringing cash into Mexico
IDE tax on bank deposits
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act  

16. Business & Finance
Mexican business entities
Forming a Mexican business entity
Facturas and notas
Electronic facturas
US dollar cash transactions over $250
Notarios Publicos
RFC number 

17. Taxes
Tax residence
Mexican income tax (ISR)
Assets tax (Impuesto al Activo)
RFC number
Tax on cash deposits (IDE)
Interest bearing accounts
Rental income
Stock trades
Acquisition tax
Predial (property tax)
Tenencia (car tax)
IVA (value added tax)
IEPS tax
US FBAR requirements
FATCA’s impact on Mexican Fidecomisos
FATCA’s impact on Corporations
FATCA’s impact on LLC’s & Partnerships 

18. Buying a Home or Condo
Buying property
Ejido land
Notario Publico
Title searches
Certificado de Libertad de Gravamen
Certificado de no Adeuedo
Manifestación Catastral.
Capital Gains Tax (ISR)  

19. Renovation & New Construction
Jobsite workers  

20. Employees
insurance (Social Security insurance)
Firing an employee
Minimum wage
Maternity leave
Labor board  

21. Utilities
Electrical service
Contracting new service
Receiving & paying a bill
How CFE billing works
Tarifa intermedia
Tarifa excedente
Taxes on electricity
Reading your own meter
City water (CAPA)
Billing for water service
Paying the water bill
Pre-payments on water bill
Water quality
City sewer service
Sewer service billing
Reading your water bill
Bottled water
Garbage pick-up
Trash hauling  

22. Public Transportation
Passenger ferries to mainland
Plan Local, the discount plan for locals
Car/truck ferry to the mainland
Maps of Colectivo Routes
Uniper city buses
Map of the routes of Uniper city buses
Commercial & private aviation
National flights
International flights
Airlines with Cozumel airport offices
Air charters  

23. Private Transportation
Mexican driver’s license
Registering a foreign-plated vehicle
Buying & registering a Mexican vehicle
Vehicle liability insurance
Mexican auto insurance providers
Overstaying Temporary Vehicle Import Permit period
Text of Article 106
How to extend a Temporary Vehicle Import Permit
Authorized drivers
Selling a foreign-plated vehicle
Traffic flow
Traffic lights
Things that slow traffic flow
Traffic laws
Helmet law
Seat belts
Calles & Avenidas
Traffic circles
Stops for traffic violations
Parking downtown
Parking violations
Towed & impounded vehicles
Police station
Rental vehicles & motor-scooters
Insurance for rental vehicles  

24. Medical
Home-country health care plans
IMSS insurance
Seguro Popular
Pay as you go
Private insurance
Air medivac services
Red Cross emergency services
Hospitals & clinics
English-speaking doctors & dentists  

25. Communications
Land-line phones
Wireless Internet service
Cable TV& land-line Internet providers
Satellite TV providers
Satellite radio
Internet TV
Broadcast TV
VoIP providers
Free Wi-Fi hot spots  

Outgoing emails from WiFi locations
Incoming prepaid card calls from the US
Cell phones
Cozumel cell phone service providers
Contracting Mexican cell phone service
Registering your cell phone
Calling Mexico from the US or Canada
Toll free numbers & 900 numbers
Public phones
Pre-paid public phone cards  

26. Mail & Delivery Services
Postal Service (Correos Mexicanos)
Home delivery
Post office location & hours
General Delivery
P.O. boxes
Cozumel zip codesZip code map
Delivery services (paqueterias)  

27. Media
Cozumel radio stations
Local newspaper
Local TV stations and channels
Internet radio
Satellite radio
Cozumel oriented websites
Cable TV providers
Satellite TV providers
Satellite radio
Internet TV
Broadcast TV  

28. Your Home
Household help
Handy men

29. Renting Out Your Home or Condo
tax on rent
Reporting rental income
Rental contracts
Evicting a renter  

30. Shopping
Plan Local local discount plan  

Senior discount card
Liquor laws 

31. Art, Culture, & Parks
Cozumel Library
Park & Museum Foundation
Museum of Cozumel
Navigation Museum
Casa Cultural Ixchel
Punta Sur Eco Park
City parks
DIF Parks
San Gervasio Mayan Ruins
Chankanaab Park
National Underwater Park  

32. Clubs & Associations
Humane Society
Fundacion Cumunitaria Cozumel
Carrie’s Heart
Salsa Cozumel
Churches, synagogues, etc.  

33. Physical Fitness
Public pools
Public tennis courts
The Sacred Mayan Canoe Journey
Annual Kite- & windsurfing championships
Annual International Golf Tournament  

34. Beach & Ocean
Beach access
Federal Zone
National Maritime Reef Park of Cozumel
Fishing licenses
Protected aquatic species  

35. Metric Conversion Tables
Dry & liquid Weight
Surface area  



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